Joe O’Connor 

Joe O’Connor is a driven and dynamic changemaker and leader.


He is the Director of the world's first Center of Excellence in Work Time Reduction, a new global initiative being launched in partnership with leading people-first transformation company Curium Solutions.


Previously, as the CEO and global pilot program manager of 4 Day Week Global, Joe led the design and implementation of four-day week trials all over the world, supporting over 200 employers and 10,000 employees to make the transition to reduced-hour, productivity-focused working in 2022.




You can view a portfolio of Joe's recent media appearances and global coverage at this



Over the past year, Joe lived in New York City as a visiting research scholar with Cornell

University, leading a research project on work time reduction. He is now based in Toronto, where he heads up Canadian operations for Curium Solutions in addition to directing the Work Time Reduction CoE.


Joe is also formerly the chairperson of the Four Day Week Ireland campaign, having founded the

coalition in 2019, and developed the world's first four-day week pilot program and research project in 2021.